How to Live Like a Minimalist and Simplify Your Living Room


May 26, 2021

Pregnancy. Pandemic. Postpartum. Holidays. This sums up my 2020. Needless to say, my house transformed too. The pandemic-inspired packages were limitless, the baby gifts piled up and the decorations knew no bounds. So, it was no surprise that my typical spring cleaning and purging routine was not enough this year. I hit the ground running to deep clean but I took things a step further: I tapped into my inner minimalist. I cleared a significant part of my living room to make space for all things new–new opportunities, ideas and decor. And I’m giving y’all my step-by-step process for decluttering and creating more white space. Read below to see how you can live like a minimalist and simplify your living room this spring.

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What is Minimalist Design?

Let’s define minimalist design. AllModern explains it seamlessly:

“Minimalist design is the most edited-down variation of modern design. It is known for its clean lines, simplicity, and monochromatic elements. Minimalist decor and interior design have a thoughtful, elevated look – and at the same time can give off a luxe, warm, and inviting vibe.”

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My home decor sits at the intersection of minimalism and transitional (transitional = modern + traditional) with a drop of glam. I’m a huge proponent of simplicity, luxe and warmth. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen me describe my aesthetic as elegant, simple, warm and inviting. I want my home to make me feel safe and comfortable while creating a welcoming vibe for family and friends. I was able to maintain that vibe after my spring decluttering session while also sticking to the basics, which sums up minimalist design. It’s all about simple and approachable decor in its basic form.

Here are 6 ways to tap into your inner minimalist and simplify your living room this spring.

1. Keep surfaces simple

An easy way to declutter your living room is to clear surfaces like book shelves and the coffee table, keeping just a few pieces on display. I kept my coffee table books and vase on my coffee table table then topped it off with coasters.

A strategy I use when decorating or, in this case, decluttering my living room is to ask myself: how do I want to experience this space? My living room is my warm and intimate room that’s bright enough to fuel my productivity but calming enough to help me relax. It’s primarily for working, reading and having a cup of coffee or wine. So, my next question was: what is absolutely necessary in this space to help me have the experience I’m looking for? That meant only needing a coffee table, coasters and some photos on the surfaces of the room.

Whether you’re clearing the coffee table or a shelf, ask yourself the same questions to help you decide what should stay and what can go.

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2. Minimize throw pillows

I love throw pillows. They add a lot of character, texture and color to a room but I knew simplifying my space meant tossing most of them to make the living room even more livable. Every time I sit on the couch, I have to find a corner to stack all 6 throw pillows. While they look good, this is inconvenient when it’s time to just relax–sis is no longer in the business of temporarily rehoming 6 pillows just to sit down. I adopted the “less is more” motto and narrowed down the pillow count to just a few without sacrificing the inviting vibe in the room. It was a simple change that actually made the room feel bigger and not so “off-limits.”

3. Update furniture + accent pieces

“Minimalists prioritize one bold piece of furniture or art and keep the rest of the room simple and straightforward.”

If you’re willing to splurge a little to achieve a minimalist look, update your furniture and accent decor. Start by shopping for a bold statement piece like a sofa or area rug then build around it using simpler pieces that have clean lines and neutral shades. Add a storage unit or shelves to the living room that you can dress up with a few figurines, spring-scented candles and coffee table books. Remember, consider how you want to experience the space before deciding what to add.

You can also update your wall decor. Add wall mirrors to create a minimalist vibe that will simultaneously make your space feel bigger. I wanted to create more white space in my living room this year so I removed my wall art for spring which also made the room feel bigger..

Click here to check out AllModern’s Minimalist furniture and Minimalist home decor collection to help you live like a minimalist and simplify your living room this spring.

4. Upgrade lighting

No matter what your decor style is, lighting is everything. Minimalist lighting has subtle flair like an arched floor lamp, a globe pendant light or a geometric chandelier. Try upgrading one or two light fixtures in your living room to give it a different vibe. Pictured below are two from AllModern that transformed my space.

One is a floor lamp that I need for those days I’m on the couch reading with some wine or writing with some coffee. And one is a desk lamp for those nights I’m burning the midnight oil on the computer. These not only make my space feel modern but they also make it feel more usable.

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5. Choose multi-functional pieces

I recently shared on Instagram how I use the bar cart in my living room to set up a baby changing station. Their ability to be multi-functional and easy to move around the room are the reasons I love having a few around the house. Easy-to-use and multi-functional are key qualities in minimalist pieces. If you’re looking for some ideas, here are a few I love for living room spaces:

  • Storage ottomans that double as coffee tables
  • Nesting tables and lift-top coffee tables
  • Bar carts

You can find some minimalist decor inspo by checking out the “Shop My Faves: Spring Minimalist Decor” page. You’ll see two minimalist mood boards I created plus links to everything featured.

6. Opt for neutral and bold colors

If you’re trying to tap into your inner minimalist and simplify your living room this spring, update your color scheme. I added black to my living room through accent pieces which added a sophisticated but bold touch to the space. You can, of course, update your big pieces like the sofa, console cabinet or area rug to change the colors. But, if you’re looking for inexpensive ways you can update your color scheme, here are a few:

  • Curtains
  • Throw pillows
  • Candles + candle holders
  • Vase

Whether you’re in the thick of spring cleaning and decluttering or just want to tap into your inner minimalist, AllModern has an affordable minimalist selection you can shop. And if you want more decorating inspo or advice, follow me on Instagram.

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