Spring Minimalist Decor

Spring is the cleaning and purging season. The holidays have passed and the warm weather kicks in which makes it the perfect time of year to deep clean and simplify. This year, I’ve tapped into my inner minimalist and cleared our living room so it feels refreshed and even more modern–check out the sneak peek below.

Spring is also the time of year that I get the itch to redecorate. My favorite home decor stores introduce new home decor trends like area rugs, wall decor and colors for the year which gets me rethinking my interior color palette. I’m doing things a little differently this year, though.

After accumulating so much over the last 12 months thanks to the pandemic, I’ve decided to minimize my decor and create more white space in each room. A blog post is coming soon where I’ll share exactly how I’ve done this, including the full reveal of my simplified living room. In the meantime, check out these mood board I designed to give you a little minimalist inspiration for your own living room this spring, plus links to all sources.

Mood Board One: Classic Emerald


Mood Board #2: Dark + Woodsy