My Modern Entryway Mood Board


February 3, 2022

My favorite part of the design process and sourcing and concepting. I do it daily for clients and now I’m doing it for our house. Our foyer is getting a slight facelift this spring–keep reading to see my modern entryway mood board.

Here is a photo of how our foyer looked when the sellers listed it. They had area rugs with a matching stair runner that were beautiful but not my style. They let us keep them which protected our floors through some winter snow storms but eventually, my new decor started showing up so they had to go.

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I started our transformation by deciding the color palette and style for the space. I wanted modern yet classic. You’re probably wondering what that even means. I opted for modern pieces that weren’t trendy–decor that would not age quickly. I also chose a black, white and emerald green color palette. My vision with all of this is a space that is simple, captivating and leaves guests to imagine how the rest of the house looks. To me, selecting a color for the foyer would make a statement and imply how the other parts of our home are decorated. Choosing black and white leaves guests curious and makes the rest of the decor unpredictable.

Okay I’m sure you’ve had enough of me explaining my concept. Here is the mood board.

Modern entryway mood board


Birds of Paradise Plant // Fluted Planter // Chandelier // Area Rug // Wall Decor // Ottoman // Console Table // Lamp

I’m sure we’re all facing long wait times from supply chain and shipping delays so the story is the same over here. I’ve ordered everything pictured above, except for the area rug, and some of it has arrived while other items are showing up in a few months. It will be a little while until my modern entryway mood board comes to life but I’ll share some sneak peaks on Instagram where you can follow the process with me.

I did not order the area rug pictured above because they didn’t have the size I needed. Their sizes started at 5×8 and I needed something smaller than that. And, quite frankly, the price was a hard no. But, I found a different rug that I love but that will not arrive for 9 weeks. You can check it out here.

Stay tuned for more home updates including paints, color palettes, mood boards, product reviews and more.