We Moved!


November 29, 2021

If you follow me on instagram then you saw my recent announcement that we’ve moved! Fortunately, we’re staying in the DC area but we officially sold our first home and closed on our new one–photos and videos are coming soon, I promise.

First things first: why did we move in this crazy market?

When we bought our home in 2016, we agreed to stay in it for 3 to 5 years then move on. Well, we closed on our home December 29, 2016 and almost exactly 5 years later, we sold it. Of course we had no idea how crazy the housing market would look 5 years after buying our first home but we were committed to our plan and had spent the last 5 years saving for it. Thankfully, we were able to make it happen but not without a lot of disappointment and lessons learned. I’ll share more about that in another blog post.

We also decided to move because we needed additional space. Thanks to COVID, we’ve spent the last two years working from home full-time. This new arrangement worked out in the beginning then I quit my job to start my own business and suddenly the space we had just wasn’t enough. I needed a dedicated space so having my desk and computer in the guest room no longer sufficed. 

Finally, the public schools in our area weren’t very good. We knew that when we bought the house but didn’t mind it because we didn’t have kids and our 5 year plan accounted for us having at least 1 child. The area our new home is in has great public schools and private school options if we ever decide to go that route.

Over the new 12 months I’ll be sharing a lot of blog and social media content about the new home including renovations, paint selections, mood boards, new furniture and more.You can follow me on Instagram at @JennaDMorrow

I’m excited for y’all to join me on this journey in what we’re hoping will be our forever home.