The Ultimate Toddler Bedroom Makeover


March 30, 2023

My family and I are expecting a new addition to the family soon so it’s time to redesign. We’ve read many articles about how to prepare the oldest child for a new baby and while every tip was helpful, we decided to give our first baby a new room. In the post, I’m sharing the vision behind the space plus a 3D photorealistic rendering so you can see how the room will turn out. Keep scrolling to see the ultimate toddler bedroom makeover for the young animal lover.

The Concept

Developing the design concept is the first step in our design process. It’s where we select the color palette, fabrics and finishes that will pair well together in the space. It’s also where we visualize the room’s vibe. For this toddler’s room, we knew she adored animals so we opted for a safari theme that’s laden with colors and textures you’ll find in the jungle.

Since she’s a toddler, we also selected fabrics that are durable and aren’t hazardous as she engages with them. On the concept board below, you’ll find textured pieces which are visually softened when combined with the luxurious velvet fabrics and smooth gold finishes. The bright and playful yet approachable and comforting hues will transform this into the ultimate toddler bedroom.

The Selections

Once I completed the mood board, it was time to move on to creating the furniture board. This step is when we select exact furniture and decor that will appear in the room. From lighting to area rugs, this phase is like a puzzle–it marries the concept with the space’s measurements and requires moving and shifting elements until everything works together as a whole.

My favorite part of this room is by far, the wallpaper, which was gifted to me by the talented team at Photowall. Photowall sells an array of wallpaper, wall murals and wall prints that cover every theme you can imagine. My daughter, Harper, is incredibly fond of jungle animals so I selected the Jungle Friends wallpaper which fits the aesthetic I created in the mood board.

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The Design

Now for the big reveal: the design. Below is the 3D photorealistic rendering where all of the furniture and decor selections are arranged the way they will be when the design is executed. As I worked on the design after the furniture selection phase, I decided to add extra flair to the room by adding faux greenery panels to the wall behind the dresser. This created additional dimension and elevated the space’s jungle theme, creating the ultimate toddler bedroom makeover.

I’ll be back when the design is complete in the room so you can see how it appears in real life.

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