Home Updates – Ugly Wallpaper & Moody Blues


April 13, 2022

We’re 6 months into our house and between shipping delays and client work, I haven’t had much energy to design ours but I’m ready now. Here are 3 spaces I’m focusing on this quarter.

The Foyer

The foyer is almost done being furnished; I’m just waiting for this table to arrive from CB2 which I ordered in December and it’s still not here yet. The order says it’s coming in May so fingers crossed it happens. Here’s what has arrived, though:

Giovanna Photography “Malika” Print // Nordic Knots Area Rug // Fluted Ceramic Planter // Bird of Paradise Plant // Emerald Green Ottomans // Black Marble Table Lamp

Here’s the mood board I created for the foyer so you can see the look I’m creating.

Foyer Mood Board

My Home Office

If you’ve been around since my old blog, you remember the awful wallpaper that was in the foyer at our first house. Fortunately, the wallpaper in my office at the new place isn’t as unbearable but after looking at it for 6 months, I’m ready for it to go. Here’s my entire office then a close up of the wallpaper. It’s not so bad until you get to the ducks at the top–thankfully they don’t go any further than that.

Anyway, I’m ready to get it torn down and paint the walls but I’m undecided if I should paint it white and add color through the furniture or add color through wallpaper and keep the furniture neutral.

Here are two different looks that are inspiring my design direction. Are you team A or team B?

Click here for Team A | Click here for Team B

Harper’s Playroom

We have a guest room that I’m planning to make me and Harper’s girl cave. A chic couch and striking wall art for me, a modern toy chest and baby lounge chairs for her. I’m painting the room a moody blue but there are two I’m on the fence about: Naval by Sherwin Williams and Scotch Blue by Farrow & Ball. Here’s a photo of both so you can see how they compare. They’re really similar but Scotch Blue is a more intense paint color.

I won’t know how both will look in the room until I paint a few strokes on the walls and let it sit for 24 hours to see how it appears during different times of the day. Follow me on Instagram to see regular updates for me and Harper’s girl cave over the next few months.

Thanks for spending some time with me. See you next quarter.