Our Favorite Shades of Purple, Red & Pink from Farrow & Ball


February 7, 2024

2024 is the year of color and February is the season of love. Whether you’re ready to drastically explore a deep color like purple or you only want to infuse a soft shade of pink, here are our favorite purple, red and pink paint colors.

Farrow & Ball is a high-quality paint and paper brand that produces beautiful paint colors for use on the interior or exterior of the home. We will explore their shades of purple, red and pink in this post.


Purple is a regal color that offers shades on various ends of the spectrum. It can add charm and brightness to the sweetest nursery or it can add depth and sophistication to a common area like the living room. Here are various purple hues from Farrow and Ball.


Red is a dominant color that can show up as energizing or bold depending on the shade, use and finish. Adorn a dining room in a rich, deep red or incorporate it in a powder room to add a bold touch. Here are our favorite red shades from Farrow and Ball.


Pink is a color that can be as soft and airy as a spring day or as bright and bold as the sun. Use a soft pink that contains gray undertones in an apartment living room or add a bolder shade to your front door. Here are three shades of pink we love from Farrow & Ball.

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