Modern and Minimal Home Office Transformation


September 26, 2022

If you subscribed to our newsletter, The Guest List, then you’ve been able to keep up with my home office redesign. I’ve spent the last 6 months transitioning my workspace from a dated room where ducks swam (thanks to a less-than-appealing wallpaper) to a modern and minimal home office. If you are not a subscriber, not only should you subscribe but keep scrolling to see how things started.

I’m sure you’re looking at it and thinking, “It’s not that bad.” But when you’re a creative, working in a space that is dark and less than inspiring, it impacts your productivity and ability to create. Couple that with my anxiety which thrives in bright spaces and this office was not for me. The first thing I did was remove the wallpaper which immediately made the room brighter. Removing wallpaper is easy with the right tools like this wallpaper steamer by Wagner. You can find it at Lowe’s or Home Depot and you can watch one of my latest reels to see it in action.

Next up was painting the room. I chose November Rain by Benjamin Moore which is a green-grey-beige that reflects different hues depending on the direction of the wall. This makes it a versatile color that transitions with the light throughout the day, which is another reason why I chose it. Then it was time to purchase furniture and patiently await its arrival. Keep scrolling to see the big reveal, including links to all of my sources.

When you look at this room, you probably think every piece is high end but it’s not. My secret is making an investment the large items then spending less on the accent pieces. My desk and the floor mirror were my big items that I invested in since my desk is something I’ll use every day and the mirror is something I hope to pass down to Harper. It’s a “for life” purchase. Everything else in the room came from Overstock, IKEA and Amazon with the exception of my curtain rod and desk lamp which were West Elm finds (on sale).

My other secret to purchasing inexpensive items is to stick to colors that look high quality. For example, a matte black table lamp from Overstock will usually look more high end than a brass table lamp from Overstock. If you must have brass, opt for a piece that contains other elements like my chandelier–an Overstock find–which keeps the brass to a minimum so it appears more expensive than it is. There are many tips our team has that we will continue to share through this blog, YouTube and Instagram so follow along with us for more design and decor advice.

As the beginning of 2023 quickly approaches, you may be considering some interior makeover projects of your own like your home office. Whether you need assistance on demand or you want to hire a full team, The Morrow Home is here to help. Our 2023 calendar is open so we invite you to schedule a free 15-minute discovery call with us to tell us more about your design needs. We can’t wait to meet you and work together.

Desk // Area Rug (currently out of stock) // Curtains (Eden Green) // Desk Lamp // Book Cases // Ceiling Light Fixture // Curtain Rod