Quick and Easy Hot Chocolate Bar


January 4, 2021

Covid has made me get creative at home so I tried my hand at setting up a quick and easy hot chocolate bar and it came out better than I thought. Check out how I did it and what I used, along with some links if you’re interested in setting one up too.

Quick and easy hot chocolate bar

Before I started, I had to figure out what food items would mix well with hot chocolate. In my mind, anything sweet does but after doing some research, I found specific things that complemented hot chocolate pretty well. If you’re down to set up your own quick & easy hot chocolate bar, you can pick salty foods like popcorn with salt, almonds or soft pretzels, minty items like pepper mints or candy canes and sweeter foods such as brownies or sweet fruit.

I was going for a full blown winter vibe in my house so I picked foods that are popular in the colder months, and foods that I actually love to eat.

Here’s my final food list:

  • Marshmallows
  • Famous Amos Cookies
  • Hershey Kisses
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Pirouette Wafers
Quick and easy hot chocolate bar
Quick and easy hot chocolate bar

For a second, I thought about buying cute mugs and small dishes but seeing as though I have 5 mugs that go untouched, I decided to talk myself off that ledge. I scoped out the kitchen and got creative with dishes and glasses I already own and started setting everything up. Here’s a full list of everything I used:


  • Milk
  • All food items listed above

Kitchen Items

Quick and easy hot chocolate bar

Decor Items

  • “LOVE” decor sign
  • Decorative gold bowl (similar linked here)
  • Candles

To store the milk, I used two carafes ($6.99 each from Target) then I used a variety of glasses I had around the house for the toppings–dipping bowls are great substitutes if you have some at home. Here’s an inexpensive one from Target. Finally, I topped everything off by putting the marshmallows and chocolate chip cookies in these glass jars.

While I’m not a big fan of hot chocolate, this quick and easy hot chocolate bar was much needed this winter to get us through a cold weekend. Next time, I’m trying out a DIY mimosa bar.

Quick and easy hot chocolate bar
Quick and easy hot chocolate bar
Quick and easy hot chocolate bar