About Me

I’m Jenna Morrow, a DC-based corporate woman, wife and mom who inspires millennial women to create a life and curate a space they love.

My life changed in July 2012 when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Multiple Sclerosis. The news completely changed how I lived, loved and prioritized joy. I invest my time fostering my own care and being intentional about not losing myself in the roles I occupy. Now you’re probably asking, what do you love? I’m glad you asked.

I’m a home decor enthusiast who loves hosting those closest to me for a night in on the couch or a night out on the porch. I’m a shoe addict who needs a closet exclusively for my heels–one that’s bigger than my clothes closet. I’m a Prosecco lover whose champagne flute is usually stained with a bold, red lipstick. I’m a to-do list junkie who’s secretly an old soul that turns to her pen and pad before her laptop. And I’m a content creator who wants to welcome y’all along my journey of figuring it all out.

On my blog you’ll find decor tips, lifestyle hacks, reflections of motherhood and life musings. And I’m sharing it all in hopes of inspiring you to create a life and curate a space you love.


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