A Bright and Airy Nursery for a Girl


February 1, 2021

Decorating Harper’s nursery was one of my favorite, and equally challenging, parts of the pregnancy journey. While I loved putting everything together, I was bummed about not being able to shop in-stores for her stuff. COVID-19 robbed me of that opportunity but online reviews saved me! If an item didn’t have reviews, I didn’t buy it so thank you to every parent, grandparent, auntie and cousin who left a review on baby stuff. Each of you helped me put together a bright and airy nursery for a girl–I appreciate y’all!

Nursery wall decor

The Changing Station

Besides stalking reviews, I was also intentional about what I bought. The key for me was buying items that can grow with her or things I can repurpose in other parts of the house when she gets older. Here you’ll see 2 storage solutions for her changing table that I can use later. These small gold containers were Amazon finds for less than $20 each! I can use these in a few years in my bathroom to hold things like cotton balls and q-tips. Then you’ll see one of my favorite items: the diaper caddy. I love this thing! It’s spacious and decorative, which most diaper caddies I found were not. I have every intention of using this later to store my makeup or hair products.

Nursery storage
Nursery storage solution

For her dresser, I wanted one that grew with her so this one from Buy Buy Baby is perfect! The only change we made was to the drawer pulls. The original ones are silver and I wanted gold so I bought new ones from Home Depot and they worked perfectly. And the best part is they’re adjustable sizing so you can adjust them to fit almost any drawer. Finally, the gold mirror above her dresser is one that’ll fit in practically any part of the house when we switch up her nursery.

Baby Changing Station

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The Reading Corner

Sappy mom moment: mom moment: I read to Harper every day when I was pregnant—it was the sweetest few minutes between me and my boo. I wanted to keep it up when she got here so I set up a little reading corner using shelves I found on Amazon. Not only are they affordable but they hold a lot of books and are really easy to install. But y’all already know no reading area is complete without a comfortable chair so let me tell you about this glider rocker recliner by Babyletto. I love this chair! Getting a chair that does all three sounds excessive but, it has come in handy so much over these last four months. The recliner was also a lifesaver in trimester 3 when I had intense back pain but I couldn’t lay flat on my back to resolve it.

Nursery Chair
Bright and airy nursery

Most people gasp when they see the color of the chair but the material is really easy to clean and it’s a tan color that will match just about anything. When she gets older, we’ll either use this chair in the next baby’s nursery (if we have another baby) or, it will go in my future girl cave.

The Crib

If you’ve been following me on social media for a while, you know I love gold home décor so of course Harper’s room is no different. I searched high and low for a white crib with some gold in it. I found this one at Pottery Barn Kids and was immediately sold–I was adamant about maintaining the bright and airy nursery vibe. Besides the gold, I love its modern and chic yet simple look—get into the details on the side! I also like that it easily transitions to a toddler bed so it will grow with Harper over the next few years.

Modern Baby Crib

Decor Above the Crib

I knew I wanted her name above the crib so I bought this one from 48 Hour Monogram and I love it. It’s high quality and the process was quick from order to delivery. If you’re looking for a vendor, I highly recommend them.

Besides her name, I couldn’t decide what else to hang up. I went back and forth between shelves, pictures or thematic décor until these paper flowers made by Mio Gallery caught my eye on Etsy. I was hesitant to buy them because I had no hope in them shipping to me unharmed but, they arrived in perfect condition. Y’all, I’m obsessed! They’re easy to install, too, and can follow Harper as we transition her room over the next few years. Ordering them on Etsy is easy too and you can pick the colors you want from the list on the seller’s Etsy site—she has a lot to choose from.

Baby Name Wall Decor
Baby Name Nursery Wall Decor

The Toys

Finally, I was particular about the kind of toys we put in Harper’s nursery—my intention poured over into her toys. Growing up, I always had a dollhouse that I’d spend hours playing with after school and during the summer months. So, I wanted to throw in some nostalgia from my childhood. I found this doll house at Target by Hearth & Hand by Magnolia and it was exactly what the room was missing. It’s so big and beautiful and came with furniture so she has everything she needs to play with it when she’s old enough. You’ll also notice it’s sitting on top of a black trunk. My mom bought that trunk for me during my freshman year of college and it stuck with me all four years of school and even after. I want to pass it on to Harper so it’s all hers now.

Nursery dollhouse

And, of course, the elephants! I’m a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated and we collect elephants. More importantly, I want Harper to grow to love elephants because of what they are: strong, smart, and determined creatures that are raised by the whole herd so, they value their family bonds. The herd is led by the matriarch which, to me, demonstrates female power and resilience. Elephants also originated in Africa more than 1 million years ago so, just like Harper their African roots run deep. I’m sure you didn’t think you’d get a lesson on elephants when you clicked on this blog post. But, I wanted to share every intention behind how her room is set up.

I can’t close out without mentioning the lambs. I let D have some say in the room and he liked the lambs so they’re there, including this lamb rocker. That’s it (is it obvious that he’s the simpler one between the two of us or what?).

I’m so happy with how everything turned out, even with exclusively online shopping. My vision of a bright and airy nursery for a girl came together perfectly and I’m so in love with it all.

As Harper gets older and we switch up things in her room, I’ll keep adding what I love to the Nursery Faves list.  

Baby Changing Station