6 Things You Should Do 55 Days Before Christmas


October 31, 2021

I recently shared a list of things I’ve done so far to prepare for Christmas and I’m adding to the list now that we’re 55 days away. Here are 6 things you should 55 days before Christmas to get ready for the season and minimize the stress that comes with it.

Note When Tickets to Holiday Events Go on Sale

While Christmas may be 55 days away, Christmas events will start in 3-4 weeks. Research local events you want to attend and get the tickets now. If tickets aren’t on sale yet, mark your calendar for when the sales are live so you can secure your spot early.

Enchant DC Event Photo
Enchant DC at National’s Stadium

Ask for Everyone’s Address for Holiday Cards

If you’re mailing holiday cards, ask everyone for their address now. Throw them into an Excel spreadsheet so you can easily seal, stamp and send when your cards are ready to go.

Order Additional Decorations

In the last Christmas prep post I told y’all to take inventory of your existing decor. Now, do some online shopping and scope out the extra holiday decorations you want. Whether it’s new ornaments or festive throw pillows, make a list of what you like then buy what you can. Holiday decor sells out quickly once Halloween ends so early is always better. 

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Get Your Wrapping Paper

Now is a good time to start buying wrapping paper and gift bags. Try stores like Target, Dollar Tree and Home Goods. And don’t forget your ribbons, bows and gift tags!

Buy Storage for Your Holiday Decor

So you’ve got all this holiday decor, maybe even some new stuff, but you might not have a place to store it. Check out The Container Store, Amazon, Walmart and Target for items like wreath storage bags, faux tree storage containers and ornament storage bins.

Book Holiday Travel

If you’re traveling to see family or friends during or around the holidays, book any last minute travel now. Lodging, car rentals, train or airplane tickets–put the final touches on your travel plans and order any last minute travel items. Think suitcases, packing cubes, travel size disinfectant spray and wipes and miscellaneous items like headphones and external power chargers.

These are the 6 things you should 55 days before Christmas so the stress from the season doesn’t consume you. My goal is to help anyone reading this start 2022 feeling more rejuvenated and the best way to do that is by minimizing the holiday exhaustion. If you want to follow more of my holiday preparation journey, follow me on Instagram.