5 Interior Design Trends for 2024 You Should Add to Your Home Projects List


January 11, 2024

In the design world, new year means new trends and we’re dishing on five interior design trends you should consider adding to your home project list in 2024.

1: Multipurpose Spaces

Gone are the days of having rooms in our homes that are “untouchable” or never used. In 2024, homeowners are stretching out across every inch of their space and even making rooms multifunctional. You’ll see home offices that double as dining rooms or basements that have a designated area for the playroom. As we spend more time at home, having functional spaces is essential now more than ever.

2: Monochromatic Design

Monochromatic design has been trending for the last few years and it’s still “in” for 2024. This is one of our favorite ways to add depth and personality to a space. From blue walls paired with a deep navy sofa and accompanied by gray accents, the options for monochromatic design are endless.

3: Quiet Corners

While life’s daily hustle keeps our to-do lists full and our time limited, homeowners are seeking pockets of solace at home. Quiet, luxurious spaces at home are increasingly popular in 2024. The idea of a soft space is not new but the difference now is, the quiet corners are being used and enjoyed by homeowners and their guests.

4: Bold but Warm Colors

2024 has ushered in bold colors and maximalist design that fill a room with unforgettable personality. Brown, purple, red and blue hues reign supreme this year not just in paint shades but also in furniture and accents. Flank a windowless powder room in plum or adorn a bedroom in crimson to add a bold but warm look to the space.

5: Curved Silhouettes

The interior design industry continues to celebrate nature’s beautiful elements and in 2024, we’re filling home with nature’s curved silhouettes. This year, the rounded shapes go beyond furniture, they will also show up through features in our homes such as arched doorways and kitchen hoods. Even the materials used will contain authentic elements like travertine, limestone and marble.

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