3 Factors to Consider Before Hiring an Interior Designer


January 9, 2023

You’ve decided 2023 is when you’ll finally finish that home project you’ve put off the last few years. So, you conduct your internet search to find a professional to assist you but you get stuck answering a few questions on the inquiry form. You can make the intake process more seamless as a potential client by having answers to a few questions you’re guaranteed to be asked by the design team. Here are 3 factors to consider before hiring an interior designer.

The Problem

Before you connect with an interior designer, determine what the ultimate problem is with the room you would like their assistance with. For example, do you want to renovate your full bathroom because it’s outdated? Or do you want to renovate it to adjust its current configuration because it’s not functional for your family? Consider what the problem is in the space you want the designer to work on so they understand your needs and vision.

The All-In Budget

When we say “all-in,” we’re speaking about three numbers: (1) Your construction costs–how much you want to allocate to trades for painting, electrical work, molding, etc.; (2) Your furniture and decor costs–the max you want to spend on new furniture, fixtures and accent pieces; and (3) Your interior designer’s fee–this will cover the cost of hiring the designer for their time and expertise. The total budget you select for the project should cover all three categories.

The Ideal Level of Involvement

How involved you want to be in the project will help your designer determine early on how and how often to communicate with you throughout the process. Miscommunication–or lack of communication–can significantly hinder a design project ultimately impacting timelines, client satisfaction and sometimes budget. As your design team, we are here to marry your vision with our expertise but we can’t do it without your voice.

A lot of discussion takes place in the beginning to ensure a successful partnership. But, to begin on a good note, these are the 3 factors to consider before hiring an interior designer which will prove beneficial during the intake process.