10 Unique Tips and Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Tablescape


November 6, 2021

There are a few weeks standing in between us and the day when we huddle around an extensive spread. But, before we dig in, we have to plan the tablescape. Below are 10 unique tips and ideas for your Thanksgiving tablescape that you’ll want to replicate this year. Scroll to read–and see–the list.

1. Layer Up

Don’t hesitate to layer your dinnerware. Start with a charger plate then top it with a dinner plate, followed by a salad plate. And don’t forget to provide a few options for drinkware. Include regular drinking glasses but also glasses that accommodate the beverages you’re planning to serve.

Source: Jenna D Morrow

2. Incorporate Unexpected Colors

Who says your Thanksgiving tablescape should only include the typical Fall colors like maroon, orange and mustard yellow? Add unexpected colors to the table like navy, teal, purple and black.

Source: Jenna D Morrow

3. Add Fabric

From tablecloths to table runners and napkins, there are a few ways you can add fabric to the table. Regardless of which one you choose, steam or iron your linens–if it’s needed–before setting them out.

4. Bring Outside, Inside

Opting for faux is always easiest but whether you go for real or fake, add some greenery to the table. Eucalyptus garland, olive branches, dried pampas grass and cimicifuga ramosa leaves are always a good idea during the Fall season. 

5. Personalize the Table Settings

One idea I’ve always wanted to execute for Thanksgiving is to put a photo of each guest at their place setting then, during dinner, have them tell the story behind the picture. You can add fun through pictures, superlatives or include small gifts. 

6. Play with Pumpkins

I love seeing Thanksgiving tables adorned with pumpkins from one head of the table to the other. Pumpkins are also a great way to add color and texture to the table. Add velvet, glittery, white or painted pumpkins to your tablescape.

7. Lighten the Mood, Literally

Is it really a tablescape without candles? Bundle them together on a tray, make them stand out in candelabras or separate them using hurricanes. Regardless of the look you prefer, candles are an easy and inexpensive way to create a warm ambiance.

Source: Pinterest

8. Set Up a Drink Station or Dessert Bar

Wheel in a bar cart and set up a drink station. Create a hot cider bar (booze is optional) with garnishments like cinnamon sticks or fresh apple slices. If you’d rather not serve drinks, set up a dessert bar. Try an apple with sides of caramel and pecans.

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9. Go Unconventional

Add some unconventional elements to the space like rustic charger plates or real fruit as table top decor.

Source: Pinterest

10. Make a Statement with Your Centerpiece

If you’re into DIY, create your own centerpiece for the table. Here’s a DIY pumpkin case centerpiece you can try. You can also keep things simple and use a Fall bouquet or signature Fall florals like mums, sunflowers or celosia stems. Remember: don’t make your centerpiece too big. It should be large enough to be noticeable but low enough that it doesn’t interfere with conversations across the table.

With just a few weeks left until the holiday, there’s still time to try a few of these 10 unique tips and ideas for your Thanksgiving tablescape.